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Four Ways to Manage Caregiver Stress

Jul 5, 2018 by Charles Grandelli

Caregiver stress is not something that you can ignore. If you try to avoid it or ignore it, the problem just gets bigger. At some point, you're going to need to sit down and really look at what stress feels like for you, what causes stress, and what you can reasonably do about it.

Address Warning Signs Early

Everyone has slightly different signals that let them know that they're becoming stressed out. For you it might be problems with sleep or you might stop eating. Other people might experience nausea or other physical symptoms, like headaches or body aches. Once you recognize those signs, you can start to take action more quickly than you have in the past.

Figure out What Stresses You Most

The other key to managing your stress as a caregiver is to recognize what situations and problems are the most triggering to you in terms of stress. Is your task list the most stressful thing for you? It might also be run-ins with other family members or simply taking on too much as a caregiver. Whatever it is that causes you stress, start writing it down. From there you can start to take further action.

Then Identify What You Can't Do Anything About

Now that you have a list, it's time to cross some things off. The first time through your list, you're looking for the items that you can't do anything about at all. What is it that you don't have control over? You can't change or control those situations, but you can definitely control how you react and respond to those situations. 

Take Action on What You Can Do Something About

On your next pass through your list, you're looking for the stressors that you can do something about. If your task list is a problem, then you can definitely do something about that. You might limit yourself to doing only a set number of things each day beyond what has to be done every day. Or you might find people to whom you can delegate tasks. Look for creative ways to deal with these situations since they're the ones that you can actually do something about.

The more you understand about yourself and about your own version of caregiver stress, the better. With that information you can put some plans in place that allow you to take better care of yourself and, by extension, of everyone else in your care. 

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